New SUV For Sale: How to Choose

The 2010 models of new SUV for sale are heading out as the new models for 2011 new SUV models are coming in. The SUVs are popular with several different types of consumers. The teenagers like them for their height, since they sit higher than sedans they are able to see better and the smaller SUVs get decent gas mileage. Young adults like them for their sporty look and off road capabilities. Families like them for the number of passengers that they will carry and towing capacity. Consumer rates the SUV models in several categories such as small and large SUVs and 2 or 3 rows SUVs, luxury SUVs and towing SUVs just to name a few  categories. The Forester Subaru leads the honors as top pick of all the SUVs, followed closely by Hyundai Santa Fe V8 then Honda CR-V. Best new SUVs for towing are the Ford Expedition EL and Nissan Pathfinder V6 . For the fuel efficient models of SUVs, Lexus 450H, Ford Escape-Hybrid  are recommended.

When you buy New SUVs pay attention to car reports. The Forester’s redesign makes it the best small SUVs because it is quiet and a very roomy back seat and all the necessary safety features and good overall fuel usage. Both the Hyundai Sante Fe V6 and 4 cylinders are still top picks for performance now that it has been given a new transmission but it is starting to look its age and needs some refreshing. The third row seat is no longer an option so critics are not as favorable on this SUV as they have been in the past. The Honda CR-V recent changes in its power without using more gas have people even more interested in this sturdy SUV. The Forester has been popular among young families for many years, while the Hyundai Santa Fe appears to be popular with the high school and college students. When you consider buy new SUVS, both of the vehicles have excellent crash test performances, which pleases the parents in both instances.

There are several sedans, foreign and domestic that has great reviews and that are fuel efficient as well as good test marks in their crash tests. If you have your heart set on a SUV or crossover at this point it is hard to be open minded about any other car. Comparison shopping is always a smart way to go though. Some sedans come with more bells and whistles than a SUV does, so you may get more bang for your buck in a different car choice. Honda and Toyota sedans are known for their longevity and good service records not to mention their excellent gas mileage and safety records. Many teenagers start off driving a foreign car in high school and are still driving it well after college. The best way to get information about any new vehicles is to pick up a car magazine or go online to respectable consumer car companies to get the best information on your dream car or new SUV for sale.