Hybrid Gas Mileage on SUVs

What is there so special about the hybrid gas mileage? As you have probably already notice, lately most car manufacturers come with a model that they say it is a “hybrid”. But what does hybrid mean when it comes to cars and how is it connected to gas mileage? Read more and find out the answers to these questions as well as many other interesting info on the subject.

Hybrid cars (or hybrid-electric vehicles as they are named) are the new generation of vehicles that are available to the large public and which combine the advantages of gasoline engines with those of electric motors. By combining these two concepts, car manufacturers have come up with a viable solution to reduce the gas consumption of their cars. And this is not the only benefit of hybrid cars. Moreover, with a hybrid you get more power for less fuel. As many would say, the disadvantage that comes with hybrids us that they are significantly more expensive than regular gasoline cars. The question is then whether the extra money that we have to pay for getting the car is worth on the long term? According to the specialists, the hybrid car gas mileage is totally worth its price, especially on the long term. It is estimated that with a hybrid you may save up to $600 per year in fuel consumption.

What about hybrid SUV gas mileage? We all know that SUVs are great gas consumers. So more and more SUV manufacturers produce hybrid SUVs because of the reduced fuel costs which increases the accessibility to their cars of a larger public. According to fueleconomy.gov, Ford Escape Hybrid, Mazda Tribute Hybrid and Mercury Mariner Hybrid have the best gas mileage hybrid SUVs can get. All these SUVs have a 34 mpg for in the city and a 31 mpg on the highway. And average hybrid cars gas mileage for SUVs would be somewhere around 25 mpg. The real difference in fuel consumption and the money you could save with these cars can be seen if we were to compare the most economic SUV (the Ford Escape Hybrid) and the least efficient SUV which is the Mercedes Benz ML 63 AMG. The later comes with a 11 mpg in the city and 15 mpg on the highway which now looks so much more expensive, doesn’t it? Yet, if you are willing to get a Ford Escape Hybrid you should be able to pay extra $11,000 than what you pay on the normal Ford Escape.

But how are hybrid cars more effective in gas consumption? The technologies that are integrated in these cars include regenerative braking, electric motor assistant and an automatic start/shut off which all together prevent the energy and fuel from wasting.

In the end, hybrid gas mileage is much more convenient on the long term and hybrid cars are worth all the extra money you have to pay for.