SUV Good Gas Mileage

Given the high costs of fuel, everybody is looking nowadays for cars that consume less and less fuel. If you have even considered buying a new car, you have seen how many factors are to be taken under consideration when having to make a decision and gas mileage is one of them. Generally speaking, you can get cars with very good gas mileage, cars with good gas mileage and cars with a very bad gas mileage. However, different buyers have different needs in a car and whereas for some 20 mpg may seem the worst gas mileage, for others it could be just fine if the car meets all the other requirements. Read more about vehicles with good gas mileage and especially about SUVs that come with this advantage.

If we do the math, the cost of a car on the long term is influenced of many factors among the most important ones is the fuel consumption. There is a general consensus on which is the car with good gas mileage and that is the normal, compact passenger car. Many of these cars have a 40 mpg in the city which would be a dream for the SUV drivers. As rated by, the most efficient car of 2010 is the Toyota Prius which comes with a 51 city mpg and 48 highway mpg. And now that we know what is the most you can get from a car in what concerns the fuel consumption, let’s see the numbers on different models.

The efficiency in car gas mileage is established in comparison with cars of the same class. Therefore, we could not compare a SUV gas mileage with the one of a compact car. Everybody knows that smaller cars consume less gas, whereas the extra space that come with a SUV is paid off in gas. Overall, it is estimated that SUVs consume with up to 40% more gas than passenger cars but then again, people who get SUVs have different needs than those who can easily afford a compact car. So, if we were to compare the 51 mpg from a Toyota Prius, with the 34 mpg of the Ford Escape Hybrid SUV, the difference is astonishing. However, according to the reviews and ratings one can consider 30-35 mpg good gas mileage cars. Once again, we must point out that you must take under consideration all the things you are expecting from the car and not only the gas mileage.

When it comes to SUV, the Ford Escape Hybrid, Mazda Tribute Hybrid, and Mercury Mariner Hybrid are considered the best choices in what regards the gas consumption. These are cars that on the long term can save you up to $600 per year in fuel costs. You can however get the most of fuel economy if you maintain your car in best shape and don’t drive too fast.
In the end, the SUV good gas mileage can be a lot lower than the one of a passenger car but there are still many other advantages that come with SUVs and make up for this inconvenience.