Good Gas Mileage

SUVs may seem the perfect car for you as they are hip and cool and provide something to your image that regular cars cannot but the question that comes with these cars is linked to their fuel consumption so are there best gas mileage SUVs? The answer to this question is complicated as there is a general consensus that SUVs consume more fuel than regular passenger cars and still there are SUV models that consume less than others in their class. Therefore it would not be fair to compare the gas car mileage of a regular car with the one of a SUV (obviously the SUV loses) but the gas car mileage of different models of SUV. Read more about this subject and even more on how to make your SUV consume less fuel for the sake of your pocket.

SUVs have the luxury and the space, but how much do they really cost on the long term? When compared with regular passenger cars, SUVs waste more gas due to various factors. Firstly, their larger tires that are great for creating a bigger grip, especially needed on off-road terrains, result in less gas efficiency. Larger and wider tires will encounter more wind resistance which makes the car consume more fuel again. Secondly, the large dimensions of the entire car require more force to overcome wind resistance which also translates into larger gas consumption. This also means that a larger engine is also required so this heavy car can be moved which results again in more fuel needed. However, those of you who must get a SUV, you should consider a turbodiesel engine.

Yet, there are things you can do to prevent your SUV from wasting so much fuel and potentially reach the car gas mileage seen in the normal passenger cars. Whereas if you drive slower you save gas, you can also consider other types of fuel that could help you save on fuel costs. One of these may be hydrogen-on-demand system which supplements the gas consumption.
So, what are good gas mileage cars? According to the reviews and ratings, you can actually get a good gas mileage SUV. Many SUV manufacturers have come up with a solution in this matter so this type of cars can become more accessible to the large public. Therefore, a good gas mileage SUV you might consider is Jeep Compass 2WD (23 mpg in city, 29 mpg on the highway). But you can pick an even better SUV such as the Ford Escape Hybrid with a 34 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway.

As you can see, there are some best gas mileage SUVs which can provide you with the best driving experience while saving some fuel costs.