SUV with best Gas Mileage

What is the best gas mileage SUV? This is perhaps one of the first questions people who are interested in buying this type of car come with. The reasons are pretty obvious. Not only SUVs are pretty expensive but most are also heavy gas consumers which can become a disaster over the years. Here are some things to consider regarding the SUV gas mileage and how big the difference is between a good gas mileage SUV and a heavy consumer.

SUVs are the perfect cars for most people. They have the looks and the space so many families consider them great choices as a family car. Luckily for these individuals, the newest SUV models come with features that integrate the latest technology, transforming a regular car into the ultimate driving experience. So, for more money, you can now get everything you have dreamed of on a car. Yet, along with all these advantages, SUVs come with a great disadvantage and that is that most of them are great gas consumers. That means that the total cost of such a car is increased year by year by the fuel costs.

Given the increasing competition on this segment of the market, manufacturers consider now more than ever creating SUVs with least gas consumption. New ideas are however required especially for those who take this type of car as a family vehicle. Therefore, many SUV manufacturers came up with different models that consume less fuel than others and this makes these models the perfect choice for those who cannot afford the maintenance costs of such a car. Because of these investments that car companies make, SUVs are now more accessible to the large public in what concerns the total costs of this type of car. And yet, there are still SUVs that are very bad in this department and can get you into bankruptcy sooner that you might think, and there is a SUV with best gas mileage, the best choice for any pocket.

According to all reviews and ratings, it seems that the SUV with best gas mileage is Ford Escape Hybrid. This is a 2010 SUV that you can get for $31,000, perfect for those who need a family car. Although more expensive than the model without fuel economy, the total cost of gas per year is reduced with up to $600, which is a very good deal for most of us. It is actually the best it can get. The Escape Hybrid consumes 34 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway.

The Mercedes Benz ML 63 AMG has been rated as the worst SUV in what regards fuel economy. This car is spacious and luxurious, but those who are looking for a good investment should stay away from it as it comes at 11mpg on the highway and 15 mpg in the city.

In the end, a higher mpg value can transfer into an important amount of money that the buyer can save every year. Therefore, make sure you choose the best gas mileage SUV for the sake of your pocket.