Best GPS Unit

Contrary to common beliefs, auto GPS units are not all the same. Because of the big difference in the price, most drivers are tempted to get the cheapest because they think they will get basically the same high performance. But a GPS navigation unit can be very different from another, especially when you need one for a larger vehicle such as a SUV or truck. Learn more about the difference between the auto GPS units and why the manufacturers had to come up with new devices that are especially developed for larger vehicles.

A GPS navigation unit can prove itself as a very reliable and helpful tool. Such devices that come with basic features will be able to tell you the route you need to take in order to get to your desired destination but more complex ones will almost take on driving the car. Some time ago, the GPS devices manufacturers were producing these units primarily for regular vehicles but as drivers started to see the benefits of these devices, the offer needed to be diversified also towards individuals who had to drive larger cars. Therefore, the companies had to make a SUV GPS unit which will be helpful for those driving this type of car. They commonly feature a larger screen and more traffic information that may concern drivers of larger vehicles such as roads which they cannot take due to various legal restrictions.

A SUV GPS vehicle is by far more complex than a device that is meant for a regular car. One of the best on the market is the Magellan RoadMate 1700. This particular GPS device has been especially developed to assist larger vehicles’ drivers while on the road in order to make driving and navigating such vehicles easier and especially safer. The Magellan RoadMate 1700 comes with a 7 inch widescreen, in full color display. The screen of this GPS device is about 4 times larger than the standard screen which makes reading the information much easier for the driver who can focus more on driving and less on trying to read the info from the screen. It also features highway lane assist software which alarms the driver whenever the lane must be changed. With large vehicles, this feature is crucial.

In the end, GPS devices that are meant to be used on larger vehicles must be much easier to command and to read because of the extra dangers drivers with such cars face. Hence the larger screen and all the extra features that come with these devices. Thus, auto GPS units can be very different according to the vehicle on which they are intended to be used.