Small SUV Comparison

Many people avoid the sport utility vehicles (SUVs) because they look too heavy, big and their fuel economy is not among the bests on the car market; but if they would read some small SUV comparisons and reviews they would find out that there are some extraordinary offers coming from brands such as Honda, Subaru, Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet and so on. According to small size SUV comparisons done by users and specialists, the heavy race is given between Honda, Toyota and Subaru – with the mention that Honda seems to be above the other brands.

The most praised model is the Honda CR-V, for its size and affordability, completed by a stronger engine for 2010, optional Bluetooth, iPod interfaces and USB ports inside, a better looking exterior and, above all, a 1 mpg fuel-economy improvement. Having all these said, it should be added that the fuel economy is now of 23 mpg combined for the all-wheel drive version. Its engine is a four cylinder one, of 2.4liters and a five-speed automatic transmission. Most of the specialists in small luxury SUV comparison have said that what is out of common in the new Honda CR-V is the comfort offered by the cabin and its seats (especially the driver’s seat) and the nimble handling. As far as crash tests are concerned, the CR-V has no competitor, except the fact that its roof resistance is considered low (“marginal”) by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The Subaru Forrester is also a good choice, as far as small size SUV comparison is concerned, with an optional turbo engine – in order to gain more power and better towing capabilities. The roof’s strength (important in rollovers) is better ranged. Another great option in terms of small size SUVs is the RAV4 model made by Toyota. The wonderful thing about Toyota’s RAV4 is that it offers an extra third row that can be used for children – without increasing the car’s size or price. This is one option the other two models from Honda and Subaru do not have and it is ideal for large families. However, the inconvenient about RAV4 is that is involved in the great Toyota’s accelerator recall and many clients avoid it.

For those who do not like the Honda, Subaru or Toyota cars, many of the small luxury SUV comparison reviews also recommend the Hyundai Tucson (a very stylish and athletic car, but with less features than its competitors), Kia Sportage (a great bargain with a base price starting at $16,995, only that the design is a bit old and the rollover ratings are rather poor; the 2011 model is expected to bring serious improvements to the present one). Small size SUV comparisons also mention the Ford Escape, Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass and the Dodge Nitro.

No matter what is the final decision, a prospective client should attentively check the small SUV comparisons and find out which the offers are, where can he get the most with the less money and how to satisfy his needs.