Luxury SUV Comparision Reviews

More and more people want to experience the comfort and luxury features of a high class SUV, but cannot make up their mind between all the choices they have – luxury SUV comparison reviews are available on the Internet and in specialized magazines to help them. According to specialists in this domain, as well as to many experienced consumers, the best luxury SUV for 2010 is the Mercedes Benz GL-Class. Its main competitors in the luxury class are the Acura MDX and the Lexus RX 350, two of the revelations of 2010 in terms of features and comfort.

Mercedes Benz GL – Class
Those who have already tested the largest SUV produced by Mercedes and have done a luxury SUVs comparison say that it has no competition in terms of road manners and the build quality. The GL – Class is not built on a body-on-frame, like most full-sized SUV are, but on a unibody platform, which enables it to handle a trailer of up to 10 tones. Moreover, its off-road capabilities are excellent, mostly thanks to the four-wheel-drive, the load-leveling suspension, the Hill Descent Control and the Hill Start Assist. Most of the luxury SUVs comparison praise its strong performance, the fuel-efficiency offered by the diesel engine and the luxurious cabin. Its main cons are the premium price and the cargo space, which is smaller than in other SUVs in the same class. However, someone who wants a luxury, performant SUV should not feel limited by the budget

Acura MDX

A lot of small luxury SUV comparisons claim that the new Acura MDX is the best ranked car in its category. True or not, the deal is that the MDX has a magnificent high-tech cabin, perfectly combined with a smooth handling. The 2010 model has gained a lot of updates, such as the six-speed transmission and the new technology of both the interior and the exterior. Its V6 engine has 300-horsepower and the fuel economy is pretty good for its capacity: 16/21 city/highway. Even if the luxurious and comfortable interior make all reviewers smile of pleasure and impress in all the small luxury SUV comparisons, the specialist still find a problem with it: the confusing controls.

Lexus RX 350
Lexus has redesigned its RX 350 for 2010 and has added some new needed elements, in order to make it look fresher and more modern. RX 350 is best known in the small SUVs comparison for its unique combination of powerful engine and luxurious cabin. The new model includes a double wishbone rear suspension and an improved six-speed transmission, with the result of a stronger acceleration. The Lexus RX 350 is also a very good deal in terms of price, competing directly with its correspondent made by Toyota.
The decision is difficult when the offer is so rich in options. However, when choosing a luxury SUV the best way to go for it is by consulting the luxury SUV comparison reviews and the specialized magazines.