Compact SUV Comparison List

Before purchasing a compact sport utility vehicle, it is recommended to check the compact SUV comparisons done by specialists, reviewers and even users, in order to know which model or brand suits you better. By doing a little research on the Internet, you can easily find out where to get the best quality/price ratio from. Some people look for an off-road vehicle, others consider transporting different things or even their family with it, others look for a sportly handling and a smooth ride on the highway or on paved roads. Here is a compact SUV comparison 2009 – 2010, for the newest model for the most successful brands.

The Ford Escape has gained new features for this year, such as a rear view camera, a program that allows the user to set a limit for the top speed and the audio volume, a parking assistant sensor and a great automatic transmission with 6 speeds. Its price is somewhere between $20,000 and $34,000 and the compact crossover offers a wonderful passenger accommodation. The less good parts in an Escape are the design, the sound of the engine and the cabin appointments. Its EPA Range is of 17-29 mpg.

The new Honda Element is not too much of a SUV, with no serious off-road capabilities and no independent rear doors. However, it provides a lot of space inside, its motor is designed for someone with an active life-style and it also has a “Dog Friendly” extra-option, that enables the owner to transport his pet in comfortable conditions – cargo-area pet bed. The prices for Honda Element vary from $20,000 to $25,000 and its EPA Range is of 18-24 mpg.

The Tucson model from Hyundai has boosted the 2010 market with a new design, engine and style. Most compact SUVs comparison specialists praise for its new features and its high maneuverability. Though its 4-cylinders engine is not as refined as others, it still produces enough power and the fuel-economy is up, with an EPA Range of 21-30 mpg. The price is also attractive, starting at $19,000 and going up to $25,000, depending on the extra-options chosen.

The compact SUV comparison 2009-2010 should include a brief description of the newly redesigned Jeep Wrangler. It comes available in two options: four-wheel-drive Wrangler and the Wrangler Unlimited. Both of them are just perfect for off-road purposes and the EPA Range is 15-19 mpg.

However, compact SUVs comparison serve ony as a preliminary guidance for potential purchasers, the final decision belongs to each individual, in accordance to his priorities and preferences. Sometimes, the compact SUV comparisons can be useful even for those who already have a SUV and wish to change it – these are the best ways to find out what are the latest features on the market.