Hybrid SUV Cars Facts and Myths

Hybrid SUV cars are a variation of the traditional SUV model that generates its power from more than one source. The most common combination found in production models is a mix between electric energy and a standard internal combustion engine. There are many advantages that can be found with SUV hybrids that offset the normal problems associated with these types of vehicles.

Perhaps the biggest complaint about traditional SUV models is that they use much more gas than sedans or smaller cars. Their large size and boxy shape translates to more aerodynamic drag, which only increases the fuel usage. The advantage of a hybrid is that the two different sources of energy reduce the amount of gas that is typically used. Also, many media outlets have targeted SUVs as being damaging to the environment because of the increased carbon dioxide emissions. With less gas being burned, less carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere. The development of hybrid SUVs is rapidly changing how people view this type of vehicle. Most major auto manufacturers now have their own hybrid SUV to keep up with the strong demand and modern research is constantly finding ways to improve the design of these cars.

Another benefit is that a used hybrid SUV retains its value better than those models that only have an internal combustion engine. Demand for used SUV hybrids is currently high, leading to more expensive prices. However, the discounts that will be realized from a decrease in fuel usage will mean that the consumer will save money in the long run. In comparison with gas prices, electric power is quite cheap and a person can simply plug the SUV into an outlet while they sleep. While the type of energy defines a hybrid vehicle, other changes are often part of the design. A hybrid SUV will usually have a more aerodynamic shape to further increase the mileage rating. In addition, specialty low rolling resistance tires are frequently used to lessen drag.

With the proliferation of hybrid SUVs, several models can be identified as the best hybrid SUVs. One model that has garnered significant acclaim as one of the best hybrid SUVs is the Lexus RX 450h. With a price tag of $42,685, the RX is considered a mid-level option. The fuel economy on the Lexus model is one of the best in the industry, sporting a mileage rating of 32 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway. Also, the safety features that are included make this SUV one of the safest in the hybrid class. The one area where The RX fails to exceed expectation is when it is used for off-road driving, with many experts preferring the BMW X5 or Volkswagen Touareg.

An increased concern for pollution levels and carbon footprints is driving demand for hybrid SUVs higher and higher. As more people become aware of the many positive benefits that can be gained from these types of cars, more and more will be seen on the road. Hybrid SUV cars are definitely the vehicle of the future as new ways to generate energy are developed.