Best SUV Tires and Motor Parts

Choosing the right SUV should involve a number of factors, including the best SUV tires, comfort, and performance options. A potential buyer will find that even among the broad classification of SUVs, there are several distinct types that address different sets of personal needs. While one person may be looking for increased comfort and space as a top priority, another person may prefer stronger off-road capabilities. In a similar fashion, the best mileage SUV may not be the best small SUV. Therefore, the first step towards purchasing a new vehicle is to determine which are the best SUVs on an individual basis. Fortunately, there are many reputable sources that evaluate the overall quality of the best SUVs.

When cost is a major consideration, there is one model that outshines the competition. With a price sticker of only $29,745 for a top of the line model, the Honda CR-V takes the cake. The CR-V has a proven track record of excellent performance with low maintenance costs. The 2.4 liter engine provides 180 horsepower, which is adequate for the somewhat small frame. Honda has also outfitted the SUV with modern safety features, including 4-wheel ABS, multiple airbags, and a proprietary whiplash protection system. The CR-V also offers many comfort options and features that are found on models priced twice as high. The fully loaded model comes complete with leather upholstery, cruise control, and dual zone climate controls. The mileage rating of 21 mpg in the city also makes it one of the best mileage SUV models.

A consumer that is looking for the best small SUV with no price restrictions will be hard-pressed to find a better model than the Porsche Cayenne. This performance SUV has a combination of the best SUV tires, performance, and luxury options that money can buy. The price tag for the Turbo S Cayenne is $126,300 and this is the flagship model offered by Porsche. One of the main attractions to the Cayenne is its impressive horsepower. The SUV is powered by 4.8 liter V8 engine that generates over 150 horsepower. Combined with exceptional response and handling, the Cayenne feels as much like a sports car as it does an SUV. The high price means that a buyer will receive the latest comfort options. The dash features leather and carbon trim and ventilation of the vehicle is completed with an active charcoal filter, ensuring only the freshest interior air. The Cayenne is based on intelligent design and retains memorized settings for three different drivers, including seat positions, audio system settings, and climate preferences.

The Honda CR-V and Porsche Cayenne are two of the best possible SUV models that a person can buy. However, there are many other automakers that have created good models as well. The Toyota RAV4 and Ford Explorer remain perennial top sellers and the respected history of these models has given them a high reputation. The choice of a specific SUV will depend on the buyer’s personal preference and what purposes the SUV will serve. The right model will incorporate the best SUV tires, performance options, and comfort amenities.