2009 SUV Cars

Our best 2009 SUVs list is aimed for those individuals who are looking for a family car combines all the features we commonly look for in a car. Yet, we are giving you the best 2009 cars SUVs so you can check and compare prices and features with those of this year’s SUVs. Read more about the best 2009 SUV cars.

Ford 2009 Hybrid Escalade is top rated in the SUV class. Its luxurious design combined with various great features made of it one of the best 2009 SUV cars. Ford 2009 Hybrid Escalade came with the latest rear wheel and four wheel drive technology and with fuel economy. Yet, given all the excellent features it included, this Ford is a little price comparing with other such vehicles of its class. However, the luxury and the capacity (being able to seat 8 people) made it the perfect family car in 2009. Those of you who are willing to get the best of a driving experience and are thinking to buy such a car should be expecting to have to pay up to $76,000. For this money you will get fancy features that cheaper SUVs do not include and which are the small things that make the difference. The price includes a fancy rear view camera, Bluetooth, and a DVD navigational system.

A smaller but also one of the best 2009 cars SUVs is the Infinity QX56. The price of this vehicle is also lower in comparison with the Ford we mentioned above and one can get it for up to $55,000. However, the Infinity QX56 has only 5 seats which can be too little for a larger family that wants to enjoy a luxurious ride. Like the Ford Hybrid Escalade, the Infinity QX56 comes with a variety of features that are not normally included in the SUVs that are rated as affordable by most people. If you get this car, you will benefit from a build in GPS navigational system, automatic transmission with 5 speeds, Bluetooth technology and even a television in the back. Considering all the features and reviews of this car, it is now obvious why it was rated as one of the best SUV last year.

The Mercedes 2009 SUV features a diesel engine and the model is called the ML320 BlueTec. This SUV was rated 8.6 out of 10 for all the features it comes with and especially for the safety, quality and performance. As we all expected from this manufacturer, the Mercedes 2009 SUV came with many fancy features that last year could take the eyes or breath of any buyer. New standard safety equipment, Bluetooth technology and iPod connectivity, and not to mention its luxurious interior design along with fuel economy put this SUV in the top of the best SUVs last year.

To conclude, these are only some of the best 2009 SUVs and although it is true that not everyone can afford them, they are still the masterpieces in the category of sport-utility vehicles.