Best 2007 SUV

Have you ever wondered which were the best 2007 SUVs? If yes, now you do not have to look any further because this article will provide you with the list of the best SUVs according to the 2007 SUV reviews. Read more if you want to know what SUVs were the best rated 3 years ago and what did they have so special that they deserved to be declared the best.

According to the 2007 SUV reviews there are at least 3 SUVs that were outstanding for that period. The ratings reveal that the 2007 Acura SUV was one of the public’s favorite. The model was redesigned and named Acura MDX. The 2007 Acura SUV was available for at least $40,000. This model comes with an economical V6 engine and different fancy features such as voice command systems and an active suspension system. The Acura MDX was and still is considered a luxurious SUV which could get pricy if one was willing to get the best of its utilities.

In the category of the most elegant SUVs of 2007, the leader was Land Rover Range Rover, a car that was priced approximately $78,000. Characteristic for this car is the luxury both in the exterior and interior. For this money, the buyer could benefit of amazing features such a heated steering wheel, rear view camera, satellite digital audio receiver system and a Bi-Xenon Adaptive Lighting system.

The 2007 Mercedes Benz SUV was also one classified as one of the best cars of its type. Although cheaper than the 2007 Range Rover, this car came with basically every feature a driver would dream of. The Mercedes 2007 SUV could have been purchased for nearly $55,000. The 2007 Mercedes Benz SUV remains in the history of the manufacturer as the first Mercedes full size SUV. Apart from the luxurious features and utilities it comes with, perhaps the most attractive thing about this model was its space as this was a SUV capable to seat up to 7 passengers. Mercedes 2007 SUV is definitely a car that combines very well the need for space and the need for comfort and luxury.

Other SUVs rated as some of the best of 2007 include cars such as Buick Enclave, Honda Pilot, Lexus RX Hybrid, and Acura RDX.

When willing to purchase such a vehicle, one is always recommended to think what they want from the SUV. It is pretty difficult to establish which one of these SUVs is the very best because different people look for different things in a SUV. So, those who are willing to enjoy their driving experience in the ultimate way and afford for this to happen, may consider choosing a luxurious SUV that provides them with the space, utilities and features they need. On the other hand, affordable SUVs are made for those who need a family car and although they are cheaper, they still make great vehicles. And these are only some of the best 2007 SUVs.