Best 2010 SUV Model

Although it is very difficult to come up with a list of the very best 2010 SUVs, we’ve done our research and we are now ready to provide you the information that you need. And to make it even easier, you will find here a classification of the best new 2010 SUVs according to their class. Read more and find out which are the best compact, hybrid, crossover and off-road SUVs.

Let’s start with the compact class. The best affordable compact SUV as rated by most specialists is the Honda CR-V which comes for less than $25,000. Honda CR-V is rated as the best SUV of 2010 in what concerns safety, utility and affordability. The CR-V is also the winner of different awards such as the Best Compact Crossover for the Money (by USNews), Driver’s Choice (by Motor Week), Best Resale Value (by Kellye Blue Book) and the Motorist Choice Award (by IntelliChoice). With the fuel economy and the power, this car has been ranked as the #1 affordable compact SUV for this year. The next two positions in the top are occupied by GMC Terrain and Chevrolet Equinox. Audi Q5 is also rated as the best compact SUV of 2010 but if you are thinking to get it you should be willing to spend more than $40,000 on it.
The Mercedes 2010 SUV is also ranked as one of the best luxury large SUVs. Mercedes came up with their latest Mercedes Benz GL, a car that combines luxury and space and not only. The Mercedes 2010 SUV is rated as the most luxurious car in its class although it may miss some of the power and engine capacity that other competitors have. As usual, Mercedes manufactured a car that is for those drivers who have to drive around many passengers but who are not willing to sacrifice a luxurious experience. And yet with a small engine, Mercedes Benz GL gained plenty positive reviews especially given its fuel economy. One of its minuses is that it is not however a SUV to drive on off-road terrain. Close competitors in this class are Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX.

One of the best 2010 SUVs in the off-road class is the 2010 Nissan Xterra, a car that you can get for up to $35,000. According to the reviews, the Nissan Xterra may be the best in the off-road class but the 7th con the most affordable compact SUVs. Its strength is definitely the capability to be driven safely on off-roads terrains and its strong V6 performance. Yet, the driving experience as well as the interiors of this car are not as good as they are in other SUVs of its class.

When looking for a SUV it is mandatory to decide what you are expecting from it. Should it be large, compact, affordable or luxurious are all questions to be considered. But here you have the best 2010 SUVs so you can pick one of these new 2010 SUVs.