Best Auto Insurance Company

A consumer that is looking for the best policy should make sure to include visits to national and state auto insurance company websites to locate the best value. There is a seemingly endless field of companies to choose from, but there are only a few that can accurately be described as the best auto insurance company for drivers of an SUV. These companies gain high marks in policy offerings, billing and payment options, pricing, and customer satisfaction. When objective analysis is done on the many insurance companies for SUV policies, three names rise to the top.

Amica Mutual Insurance Company ( is often considered one of the best of the best. This company has been in existence for over 100 years, providing the best insurance options for homes and automobiles. This auto home insurance company is based in Rhode Island, but has offices in many states across the country. When it comes to the bigger mutual insurance companies, Amica is one of the few that consistently rates high in comparisons. One aspect where Amica is a leader in the field is in the number and quality of policies that are offered. They have many different policies that address the personal needs of a driver. In addition, their plans can be customized to fit any situation.

Another company that leads the pack in auto insurance is Geico. This company is the best high risk auto insurance company. While other insurance firms will generally raise their rates to high levels when a customer has an accident, Geico has shown trust in their customers and their rate increases are often the lowest following an accident. For this reason, many high risk drivers have transferred their insurance to Geico as the costs for these types of policies are quite low in comparison with other companies. High risk auto insurance has become a specialization of Geico and the many satisfied customers have led to the company having a strong reputation, both from word of mouth and from critical sources.

The best auto insurance company when it comes to ease of access and availability is clearly Esurance. This company was one of the first truly online insurance companies and their website is extremely easy to use, without requiring help from a live associate. A person that would like to have an SUV insurance policy without having to deal with an agent may find that Esurance is the best option. This convenience is what has made Esurance such a popular choice, as well as well-priced policy rates. Because most of their business is done online, Esurance has a quite lower operating expense and can transfer these savings to the customer. A person may choose an auto club insurance company because of the roadside assistance services that they offer, but the national and state auto insurance company options that are listed above are far better choices.